Labor Union Benefits

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A labor union is an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interest of its members. There are over 14 million workers who represent over 60 different unions ranging from farmers to firefighters to teachers, etc. The history of labor unions dates back to the eighteenth century where it originated in Europe during the Industrial Revolution. In the United States, the National Labor Union (NLU) was founded in 1866. The NLU was not exclusive to a particular work force, but rather it included workers from different types of work forces. After NLU collapsed, the Knights of Labor formed in 1869. Labor unions came into existence for the purpose of protecting the common interest of the workers. Labor unions have made a positive impact …show more content…
Founded in 1907, the United Parcel Service (UPS) is the world’s largest package delivery service company, headquartered in Sand Springs, Georgia. On August 4, 1997, 185,000 UPS workers, who served as members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters or the Teamsters Union walked out on the company led by Teamster reformer Ron Carey, President of the labor union. The situation was centered on two main issues—increase the number of part-time workers and control over the UPS pension funds. In addition, workers stipulated higher wages. Prior to the strike, UPS offered a final contract, but it was rejected by the Teamster Union on August 2. The strike began on August 4 and went on for fifteen days. It was seen as the largest strike thus far in U.S. history. All of the UPS workers, who are members of the Teamster Union, were involved in the strike. During the strike, UPS suffered from over $650 million in losses (Krause, 1997). The company controlled over eighty percent of the package deliveries in the United States. For the duration of the strike, the company had to shut down its delivery service affecting many people in the community and businesses. After fifteen days, UPS and Teamster came to an agreement for a five-year contract accepting the grievances that were stated by the union. UPS upgraded the workers’ wages, healthcare benefits, and increased the number of part-time workers. In the end, the union may have won, but many

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