Essay on History of Police

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History of Police

Nancy Anderson


August 4, 2012

Miriam Moore

History of Police

He was an important political leader in England and the “father” of modern policing. Robert Peel fought for over 30 years to improve law enforcement and finally, in 1829, persuaded the English Parliament to create the London Metropolitan Police. This police department is recognized as the first modern police force (Walker & Katz, 2011). This English heritage is what produced American policing. The three core elements that Peel introduced back in 1829 are what make up the structure of the police forces we see today. These core elements are mission, strategy, and organizational structure (Walker & Katz, 2011). The mission
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They are based on “required ethical behavior of law enforcement and the public” (Nazemi, n.d.). These principles, which define the ethical requirements police officers must follow in order to be effective, still have and enduring impact on American policing and its history. The components of policing in America are Federal, State, Local and Private policing. This is the most complex law enforcement system in the world. Each component is determined by “geography, politics, regional customs, and specific organizations structures (CJi Interactive, 2011). Each organization, be it the U.S. government or other policing agencies have rules and guidelines set by the government that they must follow. Federal jurisdiction includes the entire nation. It focuses on issues such as immigration, drug and human trafficking, gun smuggling and issues that cross state lines. Federal law enforcement is more concerned with criminal investigation rather than crime prevention and keeping the peace. They leave these issues to state and local authorities. Federal organizations get their authority from Article 1 of the United States Constitution. Federal agencies include the Department of Justice, which includes such entities as the Drug Enforcement Administration, the FBI, and the U.S, Marshals Service. The Department of the Treasury encompasses the IRS and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco &

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