Essay on History of Education and Philosophy of Nurse Education

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The History and Philosophy of Nurse Education
Amy Allin
Capella University

Each educator brings to the academic arena their own personal nursing philosophy that is based on experience and is historic in nature. By studying the history of nursing, the educator is able to guide the student through their education process. As an educator the nurse becomes an extension of one’s own personal philosophy. Nursing theory serves as the foundation on which to develop a personal philosophy and characterizes nursing as a profession based on the art of caring and science. In 1907, Adelaide Nutting and Lavinia Dock wrote in the preface to their book on the history of nursing:
"the modern nurse, keenly interested as she is in the
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Under the direction of Richards, the first implementation of documentation of nursing rounds and written orders were initiated. Joel (2006) points out that the initiation of nursing care plans is attributed to Richards. Education is vital in elevating nursing to be respected as a profession. Nursing education has grown from hospital based programs to college and university settings as well as post graduate studies ((Bender, 2012). Associate degree program is a two year community college based program with the first associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) program was started in 1952 at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Bender, 2012). The AND degree today is seen as a stepping stone to nurses wishing to pursue a Baccaluareate (BSN) degree program which is a four year program in a college or university setting. . Today, registered nurses (RN) are seeking the BSN degree in increasing numbers. In 1980, 22% of RNs held a bachelor’s degree while 18% had an associate’s degree. By 2004, the number of bachelor’s prepared nurses reached 34.2% while only 33.7 % had an associate’s degree. This indicates that the baccalaureate programs are taking the lead in the production of new nurses (Hasse, 1990). Managed care and short hospital stays and in an era of cost containment, government regulations and healthcare reform, the benefits of patient and staff education must be made

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