History Of Advanced Practice Nursing Practice Essay

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Through the shortage of physicians and growth of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN), with beatitude of emotional connection with patients, mercy, and connected to patient care. As physicians diagnose and prescribe, an advance practice nurse applies education, process diagnosis through a professional and understanding with a therapeutic approach that differentiate the roles. Nursing principles applied to APN, through more training and education however keep the same nursing values instilled and dictate how to interact with patients.
Beatitudes provide merciful and connection of therapeutic partnership with patients. The APN practice of merciful and deeper understanding of each patient versus simply diagnosing and treating is reflected in Matthew 5:7, which states “blessed are those who are merciful.” These are relevant of history and today’s of APNS in terms of nursing practice, I believe Matthew 5:7 has a relevance to APN history and current APN practices through the ability of stepping into a patients’ shoes with understanding, patience, applies education, and understanding with a therapeutic approach that differentiate the roles.
History of Advanced Practice Nursing
Through changes in healthcare, nursing profession has rapidly advanced and adapted. Nursing profession has had a pivotal role since the 1900s, however within the 1980s, the term APN evolved. Through healthcare changes, APNs have risen to improve patient population by patient-focused care to the community on a…

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