History From Pierre Menard: Truth, Whose Mother Is History

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The quote above is view of history from Pierre Menard“…truth, whose mother is history” states the mother of truth is history meaning truth or “knowledge” comes from history. History lays the basis of new knowledge to be discovered therefore calling history its mother. Occampunio calls it “staggering”. The author states the quote as saying history does not diverge into reality but is reality in an amazing sense. This is true in that we live history because what we did previously is in our thoughts and actions all the time as it sets “reality” therefore living it as well. He also goes on to say that the quote states history is not the events that took place but the belief we have of what took place. I believe he is trying to say we like to believe …show more content…
The reason being is if we don’t think, how can we come up with ideas. By meditating we organize our thoughts and give our brain rest of all the thinking which can’t be achieved through sleeping because we have all these thoughts to sort out which will all come back after sleeping which will give us more stress. By imaging, we are thinking outside the box and if you don’t imagine you are just stuck with what’s given, let’s say “2+2=4” but not what “4+4”. Since no one discovered it yet, you got to think or “imagine” of all the possibilities by allowing yourself it get outside of the box of “2+2”, which will allow discover the answer. Before we can do this, we must acknowledge our weakness lagging us of accomplishing intelligence through the three actions as stated by Meanrd. We must then fix the weakness because we can’t accomplish the three actions to its fullest or at all if we got weakness other than the three actions holding us down. For example, if we don’t give the right time and effort to succeed in our studies and occupation we will not succeed whether it be of our procrastation laziness, poor managing time skills or do things unnecessary for the time being. It showed in my high school grades and to many others as well. However, if we do put in the full effort and work hard to put away our weaknesses, it makes us succeed all ready to the point all we have to do is prove it to yourself, let’s say by getting a good grade in your assignment or class which you know you will

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