History 1302 Term Paper

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The United States of America is a declining global power related to the never-ending war, lack of political cohesion and the greed of Americans to self-indulge rather than attempt to make the U.S. a better place as a whole. The U.S. showed its vulnerability when New York City was attacked, the twin towers destroyed and thousands of innocent lives were lost, an event forever known as 911. How could such an event like this happen to the so-called superpower known as the United States of America? As stated on page 2 of the readings, the defense department was not defending their own borders. They were too busy defending other countries. While it is important as a superpower to help others in need, a government should first have all matters …show more content…
Today’s politicians fight as if they are children; if you don’t like my idea then I won’t vote for yours. That mindset has reduced the ability of the American government to move forward as a superpower. Other nations observe that immature dysfunction demonstrated by political officials and use it to their advantage to infiltrate, overpower, and destroy the American way of life. Since the Obama administration took office and leadership changed from Republican to Democrat control, this bickering between parties has become so grossly overstated, that it makes the U.S. look weak. Historically America has invited immigrants in to take over manual labor jobs for cheaper rates. Immigrants are said fill the jobs Americans feel are beneath them to perform. Companies have taken this theory to the next level and sent much of their manufacturing to foreign countries for cheaper labor rates, yet this savings has not been passed on to the consumer. America has lost credibility as a superpower in allowing manufacturing to leave our borders and move to other countries. Globally we are more consumers rather than producers. The example of the iPod; “it is manufactured mostly out of the United States but the majority of value added is captured by Apple, Inc. in California.” (10). A 36% profit on each iPod is a prime example of American greed. In contrast China, the country that does the lion’s share of manufacturing, had a modest profit margin of a “few percent.” (10).

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