Hire Or Not For Hire Applicants With A Criminal Background Essays

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To Hire or Not to Hire Applicants with a Criminal Background

“Everyone deserves a second chance but not at the expense of innocents such as my sister,” declared Lucia Bone, whose sister, Cathy Sue Weaver, was raped and beaten to death in 2001 by a department store contractor hired to clean the air ducts in her home (Bone). Cathy’s family later discovered the contractor was on parole for two previous sexual assault charges (Bone). Richard Walker, a former teacher, developed an addiction to cocaine and served 14 months in jail (Zeidner). He knew that his conviction would bar him from the teaching profession, but what he did not expect was how that conviction would disqualify him most job opportunities (Zeidner). The stories of Cathy Weaver and Richard Walker are examples of the obstacles that employers and ex-offenders face every day. Employers walk a fine line between looking out for the safety of their organization and providing fair treatment to job applicants with criminal backgrounds. How can an organization ensure they are performing due diligence to protect the safety of the organization, its employees and customers, and at the same time comply with treating each applicant fairly, regardless of criminal history? How should employers proceed when an applicant has a criminal record? According to a 2012 survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, two-thirds of organizations conduct background checks on every prospective job candidate during the…

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