Hip Surgery And Its Effects On Young People Under The Age Of Eighteen

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Raising a Few Eyebrows: Viewpoint on Teenage Cosmetic Surgery Insecurities happen to the best of us. Whether it’s a young supermodel or a senior citizen, our flaws stay with us until we decide to let go of them with time. Nowadays in America, people are infatuated with quick-fixes or they scrutinize their bodies until there is something to repair. There has been a significant rise in cosmetic surgery procedures not only in adults, but adolescents too. Since cosmetic surgery can be a high risk procedure and may have a deleterious impact on teenagers, states should work towards making laws to eradicate procedures performed on young people under the age of eighteen. Some argue that plastic surgery is essential in cases where teenagers go through significant trauma or have birth defects. In the case of trauma or congenital defects -like a cleft lip- reconstructive surgery is practiced where the patient can have improved function or increase the normality of the affected area. Reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery are two different areas; cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure to fix a person’s appearance regardless of serious abnormalities.
Other people claim that confidence and contentment of their physical beauty, can help build relationships better and relieve anxiety. Standards of beauty are always evolving whether it is the stick thin “heroin chic” of the 90’s, or the “healthy curvy” era of present day, people base the idea of perfection on current trends.…

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