Essay on Hip Hop : A New Genre Of Music

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A billion dollar industry that grew from humble beginnings in the Bronx sector of New York City in the mid 1970’s was created by the poor in the lowest income neighborhoods. Diverse ethnic minorities made up the group. The music they created became known as “hip-hop” a new genre of music which consists of four main components; “DJing (disc jockeying), graffiti art, and B-boying (break dancing).” (Baker, P. 8). The fourth component was rapping (rhyming lyrics over a musical background). (Baker, P. 8) Rapping became the most popular component of “hip-hop”. It was not the rhythmic pattern or music of rap, but the lyrics that people thought were too violent and contained derogatory content which many listeners found too offensive. The spoken content of rap lyrics continues to ignite social debate. One must try to understand what rappers put into their music, Like all other types, what goes into the making, is a combination of emotional and artistic qualities. For rappers, it is their message that poverty, violence, and misogyny still exist. Mainstream America does not want to hear it. Instead, they want to silence or control what they say. They feel that the lyrics cause violent behavior, affect people’s judgment or cause crimes against people, but there is no credible proof. Censoring the voice of Rap music because of its content and what some think the lyrics incite, is a violation of freedom of expression and is an infringement of the artist’s creativity.
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