The Negative Effects Of Music Censorship

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Censoring people’s music can affect our freedom of expression. Music is a form of feelings, thoughts, and opinions. If we take away that right what else will we start to censor books, art, political views? Censoring music is not the route to take. Censoring music is blocking individuals from having their own opinions and ideas. Music is used in everyday life. Such as driving in your car after having a horrible day and all someone wants to do is listen to their favorite song. If that song is censored than it can compromise the way a person feels. Some people use music as a way to provoke certain feelings so they can express their individual personalities into their work. No one should beable to dictate how we feel or how we want to express ourselves. Even if a person is for or against music censorship what gives anyone the right to tell us what we can or cannot …show more content…
Just look at the history of how censoring music started. In the 1950’s race played a huge factor in censoring music. With a new genre of music emerging called rhythm and blues. People felt R and B were sexualizing music and drug references. This genre of music’s audience was dominated with African Americans until it became more popular to the younger white generation in the 1950’s. When this was realized by the older white generation they started to censor the music saying it was affecting them negatively, but really they just did not agree with the artist expression through music. This time of radical censorship towards music is not just something of the past. More recent issues involved MTV refusing to show music videos of certain black artist. For example the rap N.W.A song “F*CK THE POLICE” was not aired because of controversy, but if we look at the artist point of view on why they made the song is because they were treated so unfairly by the police. This is why we should always look at both points of views before just deciding to ban the

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