Argumentative Essay: Colorism In Music

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Colorism in music has been more apparent nowadays in many different forms. Whether it’s an artist’s skin tone resulting in certain sales, or the controversy based off of one’s appearance, it is very real and it personally doesn’t bother me.
 Let’s talk about what I mean when I say “colorism in music” as I give clear examples to what they are and represent. Colorism in music can also be viewed as cultural appropriation. I say this because of my main example, whites taking what blacks have already established and making money off of it. Well, more money anyway. Many people aren’t aware that Elvis is the main contributor to this, as he clearly took black culture and made millions. He took what a black man made, rock n’ roll, and ran with it. People even claim that he invented it. No doubt, Elvis had talent, I mean the guy could sing but honestly, he stole black culture. That is a classic case of colorism in music, people appreciating the same music more towards a person with lighter skin. I believe it’s in all genres, rock, hip-hop, jazz, pop, country, you name it. People honestly will prefer if a white person or a lighter skinned tone person did music rather …show more content…
The main focus is music, white artists will continue to emerge and prosper off of black culture. Sad truth but that’s life. Slim Jesus is another example. He’s the white Chief Keef, but since he’s white, many people like it. And then there are the spectators who don’t like it because he’s a poser but that’s only the black community. Some white people aren’t even aware of their privilege and many don’t take advantage of it. In the future, I see protests based on colorism in music, because people will not stand for it. Iggy Azalea is an example because the black community already fed up, but I digress. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where black kids want to be white because they make better black people music than black

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