Hinduism Is A Religion? Essay

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Hinduism is a religion just like the rest of the other religions like the Christians, Muslims, Taoists, and the rest of the religions. They are believers who are mostly found in India and Nepal. Their population is large enough which approximately ranges between 200m to 1 billion. The population locates Hinduism in the third largest in the world, in as much as population is concerned. Hinduism has the most followers in Mauritius, India Nepal and Bali. Hindus are said to have obtained their name from a Persian word Hindu, which means river. The Hindus are said to have settled along the Hindu river for a long period of time. The religion is however amazing since it has no a specific origin. No authors of Hinduism where ever found, and the religion settled in that unique way. Hindus refer to their religion as Sanatams dharma, which means eternal religion (O 'Malley,2012). Another word that describes their religion is Varnasramadharma, which emphasizes the fulfillment of duties, the duties being referred to as dharma. The duties are rated according to ones class, which is referred to as Varna, according to the stage of life which the believer is, simply referred to as Asrama. Apart from the above generally mentioned practices of the Hindu religion much more is found out.
The Hindus worship by venerating religious icons and images called murtis. They also accompany the worship with the recitation of prayers, which are commonly referred to as mantas. Generally, the Hindu…

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