Essay on Hilton Hotels Case Analysis

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The purpose of this case analysis is to address the key marketing issue for the Hilton Hotels. The marketing strategies Hilton should pursue in the hotel and gaming markets will be discussed and recommendations will be made. In addition, the use and implementation of the SWOT analysis will be incorporated throughout the discussion. Information will be provided from the case study and the use of secondary resources for support of the marketing strategies recommended for the Hilton Hotels.

Market Summary

Hilton Hotels is one of the market leaders in the hotel and gaming industry in the United States. Hilton is a well-known and distinguished name in fine hotels across the United States and worldwide. In 1999, Hilton expanded
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For the year, that rate jumped 7 percent over (the) last year" (McDonald, 1998, p. 3). These statistics demonstrates an overall market growth in the hotel and gaming industry in recent years.

SWOT Analysis
1. Name recognition, brand loyalty – The Hilton name is known around the world
2. Innovators – Hilton has been on the leading edge of introducing many new products or services in the hotel industry

3. Customer service and quality hotels

4. Hilton International and Hilton Hotels joining forces to become one corporation
1. Territorial restrictions - various agreements which restrict Hilton's right to operate hotels in certain areas
2. Different name on international properties (Conrad International or Vistas)

3. Expanding too quickly
1. Expanding rapidly - into Southeast Asia, South Africa, internationally and domestically

2. Name recognition - well known across the world as a quality hotel brand.

3. Innovative reservation systems

4. Expansion into new hotel segment of lower cost Suites and Inns
1. Competition – gaming and casino competition is fierce

2. Lack of growth – can not afford to become stagnant in ever expanding marketplace

3. Possibilities of hostile take over

4. Recession - because of growth they may take a big loss


The three top competitors of Hilton Hotels include Choice Hotels, InterContinental Hotels,

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