Hillary Clinton : The Democratic Party 's Nominee, And Donald Trump

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Unless she is indicted, Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democratic party’s nominee, and Donald Trump may or may not be the nominee for the Republican party. Donald Trump might not win the nomination because he is not necessarily regarded that favorably among a majority of the population, and perhaps John Kasich and Ted Cruz will obtain enough delegates to prevent Trump from receiving the required 1,237 delegates for the nomination. However, for the purposes of this paper, it will be assumed that since Mr. Trump is the current frontrunner on the Republican side and assumed that it will be a race between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. In that event, it is important to consider each candidate’s positions on key issues, such as taxation and health care, in order to determine which of the two candidates is more beneficial for America. This is a very important process because we are electing the person who will govern this country for the next four years.
Mrs. Clinton has proposed increasing taxes on wealthy Americans, and she intends to continue to defend and build on the Affordable Care Act (Hillary Clinton on Health Care/A Plan to Raise American Incomes). On the other hand, Mr. Trump plans on cutting tax rates at all income levels, repealing Obamacare and reforming existing health care laws and restrictions (Tax Reform/Healthcare Reform). Based on Mr. Trump’s stance on both tax reform and health care reform, Donald Trump is the better choice for president in the 2016 election…

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