Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Essay

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As I am writing this today, the race to the white house is winding down. There are five candidates running, but only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are on the straightaway. In this race, I am rooting for Hillary because I believe she is the most qualified candidate to create my political environment. The environment I desire is one of a successful educational system that helps students achieve their dreams. I believe Hillary can do this because before being involved in politics, Hillary worked as a lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund (Anderson). One of her first project at the CDF was to figure out 2 million children weren’t in school. Hillary and her group found out that schools were denying students with disabilities. There finding helped make a federal law that granted equal education to students with disabilities. After leaving CDF, Hillary got into politics and still worked for education reform. As a Senator of New York, she served on the education committee and pushed for tax cuts on tuition (Nitti). My ideal political environment requires an education system that helps students succeed; Hillary is the best candidate to create this environment because of her previous devotion to fixing the education system.
2. We need to build the foundation for students to succeed at an early age by having universal pre-school. As Clinton first job was fighting for children, she wants to fight to make sure pre-school available to all four-year old 's in America. Currently, not…

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