Hildhood Special Education Analysis

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hildhood special education provides the outcome-based services that enable young children with disabilities to have a hopeful and promising future” (Carpenter, Johnson, & Beard, 2014, p. 62). This statement is one that I have seen in action for many friends and students over the last few years. As I am planning to teach within the early childhood education setting, this is something that should be the focus for all young students with special needs. Through a program such as early childhood special education, students who might not have had a chance now gain the ability to be a success in education and in life. Through the services that can be found in these programs, combining them with AT can only increase a student’s success and growth during their most rapid …show more content…
69). With there being so many learning environments to consider when choosing AT for students, keeping the specific environment in mind will help when selecting a particular device. Ensuring that students are able to access each environment will be key in their learning and interaction with the classroom. Having a variety of AT devices for the environment will help in find a fit for a specific student with special needs. Simple fixes like a joy stick or touch screen, can really go a long way as an assistive device. “AT for the young child should be an integral part of the child’s daily activities” (Carpenter, Johnson, & Beard, 2014, p. 69). AT only enhances a student’s ability to engage and be involved in their daily learning and life. They become able to interact with peers in a way that enhances their daily lives while they also learn. Young children also learn so much through play that it is necessary to find AT for play for those students who are in need. Students who have special needs should be able to participate with those around them, AT makes this

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