Higher Education And High Education Essay

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Higher education - some of us think that we need to get a degree to get ahead in life. We go to college because we want a lot things in life. We want to change our lives, to be better than our parents lives. Some people think we need higher education for a job or some people think we need it because of passion or a dream, like wanting to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, physician assistant, architect, or teacher. This kind of career requires a higher education. Some just want to be educated and to learn and grow. For the majority, we know without education, you will not get far in life. Education is a necessity, a skill to lead you in the future. College is foundation to reach your goal and pursue your dream. Not everybody agrees, but those people who succeed without education are very few - one in a million. Some people talk about the “Failure of High Education.“ In a survey from Anthony Grafton, college is too expensive, the dropout rate is too high, the admission policies are unfair, the semi-professional athletics and fancy dorms are expensive and inessential, and the administrators though important are superfluous. On the other hand, both of these articles believe that higher education still has a problem. According to Gary Gutting, people talk about the failure of higher education because of its high costs and associated extra-academic costs, while Delbanco states that inherent social inequalities between classes inhibit the value gained from higher education.…

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