High Self Esteem Essay

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‘It is good for a person to have a high level of self-esteem.’ Critically discuss.

Self-esteem has captivated the interest of psychological researchers and the whole of society. “This academic preoccupation is substantially matched by interest among the public at large, and not just among those people, doctors, teachers and social workers who might be expected to show a professional interest in the human psyche. In their everyday lives people routinely treat the notion of self-esteem as an intelligible basis for explaining their own difficulties or other’s failings.” (Emler 2001) High self-esteem is seen as something that every individual should aspire to as much as the
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By contrast however, if an individual is identified as belonging to a group whose members are obese this will not motivate that person to hold themselves in high regard or high self-esteem (Crandall 1994). High self-esteem is often linked to many social problems. Notwithstanding, having high self-esteem can inoculate people, particularly vulnerable young, against various social adversities. Individuals with high self-esteem are less likely to fail education, be state dependent, deviant, abuse drugs and have unwanted pregnancies (Davis 2001). Not all high self-esteem individuals are the same, as some will be quietly self-confident and friendly, whilst some will compare their value and believe that they are superior. They are arrogant, conceited and over-confident (Kernis et al 1989). These individual differences and research on self-esteem as a trait, is ongoing to investigate why there are differences and the consequences of these differences. For example people with low self-esteem purportedly commit crimes, abuse drugs or fail academically. However (Baumeister et al 1996) review of the literature showed little evidence of this fact, the literature showed instead that violence was associated with high self-esteem and this violence usually occurred when this group had their self-images threatened. Individuals high in self-esteem lay claim to having

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