High School Vs. Secretarial School Essay

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Imagine being seventeen years old and a month away from graduating high school. Life just can’t get any better! Your about to go away to college and escape parental tyranny!! You can just taste freedom and it tastes good. Now, imagine being told by your school counselor that college is NOT for you - you are aiming too high. Your grades and intellectual abilities are better suited for the military or secretarial school. Even community college is out of the question for someone like you. That seventeen year old was me. My school days in the Austin Independent School district were filled with trouble. If I wasn’t in trouble I was having trouble with my studies. I was described as a child that made careless mistakes, easily distracted, excessively fidgety, talking when not appropriate, impatient, frequently interrupting and/or just not being attentive at all. Most people look back at this period of their lives with fondness if not nostalgia. I don’t…this period in my life was the hardest for me. I will never forget walking out of my counselor’s office and feeling utterly crushed. I am not sure when it happened. I just remember that something inside me snapped and when it did I swore to myself that secretarial school nor the military were not in my life’s plan. I had every intention of proving my counselor and anyone else that ever told me that “I couldn’t” – wrong! From that day forward I channeled all of that anger into making good on that promise. Because of my…

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