High School Vs. College Essay

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In today’s world choosing a good high school and college is very important to make sure you have a successful and proactive life. Also putting forth the effort to succeed in both areas is a must to do the best that you possibly can. Putting forth the research to find that good school whether it being high school or college is something I will defiantly do for my own kid’s education. High school and college are alike in ways, but also very different as well.
Let’s start with differences between the two education levels. One thing that I think is very different from high school to college is the overall freeness and facilities. When in high school you are held to strict restrictions on leaving school when you want or even as something as going to the restroom. In college they tell you it is up to you to be in class and for you to put forward the most effort to better yourself. At my high school they went as far as not letting you were your hoods on your jacket! Also in high school you are restricted from cell phone use on school grounds, as were on college campus you can use your devices freely as you would like. There is also more sporting facilities in college you can take advantage of. Also they have concert areas, cinemas, and cafes you can take advantage of while on campus.
Another difference between college and high school is the overall technology on how you are taught your lessons. One thing that I noticed in my high school when in science class our experiments and…

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