High School Students Should Not Be Forced At Attend College Essay

830 Words Mar 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Some seniors in high school still do not know what they want to be in the future and some others are just careless when it comes to the future, even if they are going to graduate in a couple of days. Some of the high school graduates who are planning on going to the college are just going to figure out themselves. Why go to college if you are just figuring yourselves out? Why not just take a year off for that? The graduated high school students should not be forced to attend college because some students present financial problems, lack of motivation, and lack of interest.
First, colleges are expensive. Even with the scholarships given to the students, it is still not enough for the students who are having financial problems at home. As the cost of living increases, the cost of the college increases and as that increases, “the choice to give up the trappings of the college will become easier” (Murray 678). A college student has to work full-time to pay off the trappings of the colleges: tuition, books, the regular insurances, the classes, and so on. In addition to the study, they have to work to pay the other expenses since scholarships can only pay so much. The focus on the studies decreases as the students start working.
Furthermore, if a person is not motivated to go, he or she is not going to make it to the end of the college. The parents do their job by telling or forcing their child to go to college, yet it all depends on the child if he or she wants to pursue a…

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