High School Students Do Not Get Enough Sleep Essays

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High school students need an average of eight hours of sleep every night, and for the majority of these students, this is almost impossible. When teenagers begin maturing, the “circadian timing system,” located in the brain, makes it to where they go to sleep and wake up at later times (Boergers 5). “More than two thirds of high school students do not get enough sleep,” said by Wheaton, Ferro, and Croft (812). The article by Wheaton, Ferro, and Croft also states, “...the proportion of students who get enough sleep has remained approximately 31% since 2007” (811). More factors contributing to their sleeping habits are early school start times, electronic devices, high amounts of homework, jobs, and any after-school activities (Boergers 5). Wheaton, Ferro, and Croft stated that exposure to more lights before going to sleep could delay the actual sleeping time (812). This could easily make it to where these adolescents run off just a few hours of sleep.
There are some major disadvantages to the sleep these students get. The amount of sleep that teenagers get could affect the risk of crashing, for those who drive, their performance in school, and their health, both mental and physical (Blad 12). Boergers states, “...inadequate sleep has a major impact on learning, memory, motivation, and academic performance” (1). From continuous sleep deprivation, some teenagers could also become depressed or turn to drugs and alcohol, which could ultimately affect these adolescents’ futures…

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