Essay on High School Should Be Mandatory And Not Optional For Teens

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My position is that high school should be mandatory and not optional for teens. (Poll the class: How many of you are planning to work with people in the future? – count number of raised hands). Ok, I see many of you raised your hands. Interaction in a high school setting is fundamental for teens to cultivate positive social and interpersonal skills. There are five major points that I will make regarding the importance of attending high school for teens. They are as follows:
1. Learning communication skills
2. Understanding different perspectives and different personalities
3. A place to practice dealing with stressful situations
4. Using it as a stepping stone to use for future educational opportunities
5. To network and learn to develop life long friendships
These are some of the benefits of attending high school. Attending high school helps to develop social and personal skills.
Learning communication skills is essential in the real world and as we progress in our educational endeavors in high school, we get to practice those skills. High school is where we can pick up on subtle cues on what is acceptable and not acceptable High school is also a place where you can see, hear or say things and see other people’s reaction. School is the perfect training ground for this. For instance, you may say things that hurt other people’s feelings. Maybe you see it as joking around with your friends, but when you see the pain in your words cause someone else, you learn not to say…

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