High School Should Be Banned Essay

1034 Words Jan 21st, 2016 5 Pages
High school, it can be a place where bright young minds blossom and where happiness and memories are shared but behind this façade high school isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Students are constantly preparing for standardized testing and once the test comes around more than half the students fail. Is an irrelevant test really a way to get students to move forward in their lives? Leon Botstein, President of Bard College believes that high school should be taken out in all its entirety. Botstein thinks that clichés are the major problem and that’s why high school should be erased, but is that really the major issue in High Schools these days? All students in America are required to go to school until old enough to drop out with permission from a legal guardian; would the dropout rate would be so high if students didn’t feel like they were a piece of data for school administrators to collect? high school used to be a place where kids could find themselves through good friends, wise teachers and their desire to open up their minds; but all of this has been taken away due to standardized testing where most adolescent’s would rather play video games and stay glued to their smartphones than go to school. high schools need to abolish standardized testing and focus more on students as individual’s rather than a statistic. As a current high school student what’s being thrown at me constantly is tons of preparation for big shot tests. All teachers and administrators want is for us to…

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