Essay about High School Should Be A Place

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High school should be a place where teens feel comfortable and to a certain extent, free to make their own decisions. At Freemont High School, Jonathan Kozol interviewed the students attending the high school, and all of them said this high school was none of the things it is supposed to be. Though Maryville High School, a small town East Tennessee school, is extremely different than Freemont High School, an inner city school in Los Angeles, at first glance, but the two actually have a few things in common. When looking at Jonathan Kozol’s article “Freemont High School”, written in 2005 in Los Angeles, CA, there are three main similarities between Freemont High School and Maryville High School: crowded lunch rooms, unsanitary conditions, and freedom. At Freemont High School there are about 3,300 students in attendance. There are not split lunches, so everyone at the high school has to eat lunch at one time in a relatively small cafeteria (Kozol 706). At Maryville High School there are three different lunches, but there are still too many people in the cafeteria. In both schools a lot of the students chose not to eat just to avoid the long lines. There are never enough seats, so students must sit in the hallways, on stairs, or outside. Though some students may enjoy these alternate locations, it is not always ideal. The teachers at both schools know how crowded the students are, and that skipping lunch is about the worst thing they could do. The crowded lunch rooms really…

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