Essay on High School At A Nutshell

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High School in a Nutshell
People say high school is about getting a good education and getting into a good college. Well, this is true and people should care about education, but to me, high school is about making memories that will last a lifetime. High school is also about figuring out who matters, who did matter, and also who will never matter. The life of the typical high student is characterized by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers.
My grades in high school stayed at above a B for the most part. I had a C- my first semester of American Government because I made the mistake of not studying and just winging everything. As the years of high school began, I received mostly A’s with a few B’s and an occasional C. Then when my senior year came around and now I have almost straight A’s. The classes that most benefited me throughout high school would be Comm 1 freshman year, Comm 2 sophomore year, Comm 3 junior year, Comm 4 senior year, College Chemistry junior year, Computers 1, Computers 2, Computers 3, Into. to Business senior year and Intro. To College Math senior year. My Comm classes really helped me for what I will need to know in college and out in the “real” world. Throughout the years of having Comm we always did essays, research papers, and more. I always thought why am I doing these but then realized that in college, I will need to be able to write a 15-page essay in only a few days. The Comm class I found most beneficial was Comm…

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