Comparison Of High School And College

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High School and College High school, as well as college is major part in everyone 's life. Everyone thinks that college is just a slightly harder version of high school, but it has some major differences. Many people don’t theses differences and similarities. High school and colleges have huge differences but also are very alike. This essay will compare high school and college students schedule, academic responsibilities, class sizes, sports, and diversity. Most everyone has to go to high school or at least try to, unlike college where it isn’t required.College may not be required, but can help a lot when trying to get a job or career. High school is the first step to a higher level of learning which give you the proper knowledge to prepare …show more content…
High school sports are open to anyone that wants to go out. They may not be able to start varsity but can get the opportunity to play junior varsity. In high school no one is turned down and will get to experience the fun times with the kids they grew up with. In order to play sports in college, you will need to be recruited or be good enough to walk on and compete at that level. Some colleges have intramural sports which are for the kids that didn’t go to college to play. Intramural sports have multiple levels so the competition is fair and evenly distributed. You have to very lucky to be able to play college sports with your friends and classmates from high …show more content…
Even though there isn 't a huge difference in age from high school to college kids, most college kids act mature and have grown up since graduation. High school kids are immature and need guidance, which is why they are monitored and have strict rules throughout high school. High school students have a more relaxed life, by not having as many requirements and relaxed due dates. College students have more responsibilities than a high school student has. College kids have to get jobs and pay for school and food while attending college. High school students don 't have to pay and their classes are not as hard or specific material. Even though they sound very different they are also very alike. Students still hang out and make friend while attending both high school and college. The students are still attending classes and sporting events. Students will still cram for tests and doing assignments at the last minute.
Many people don 't understand how different, but also the same, high school and college can be. College is much more challenging and complex than high school. This is a higher level of learning, thus, requiring more time, effort as well as devotion to studies.College and high school have their similarities, but are also different in so many

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