High School And College Can Be Dramatic For Most Young Adults

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The change from high school to college can be dramatic for most young adults. In high school students are excited to move on to a high level of thinking along with friends. High school is also where children go to prepare them for college. High school and college are similar in many aspects. They both create excitement, curiosity, a need environment with more freedom and a new experience in which our youth yearn to explore at least once in their lives. High school is immature fun, a time where children venture out and grow from their childish manner and become the esteemed young adult they are to be. But college is that one step further to pursue goals and aspirations. From high school to college young adults began to experience change socially, academically, and emotionally as they mature. The first year in high school was full of joy and laughter with the occasional conflict.
Meeting new friends and linking up with a few of the old ones from the previous school. Walking the halls with confidence, taking it in all that the atmosphere has to offer. Observing the older crowd to see how they interact with each other on a daily basis. Sure there are a select few of upper classmen that look down on freshman but it’s something that eventually passes. In high school children find who they are and who they want to be. During the four years children are supposed to grow as a young adults and set goals for the future. High school the step before college to prepare the children for…

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