High Prevalence Of Depression Among Adolescent Populations Essay

1127 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
School counselors are responsible for assessing, addressing, and advocating for the academic, career, and personal/social needs of students. Helping students achieve success in each of these areas can be a demanding and complex task. Many students will face barriers that may stifle their ability to achieve along these domains unless school counselors are able to effectively intervene on their behalf. One of the most substantial barriers to student success is the increasing prevalence of depression among adolescent populations. The World Health Organization recently published a report that identifies depression as the most common mental health issue for adolescents world-wide (Erickson & Abel, 2013). A large amount of research points to depression as a significant barrier to academic achievement, career success, and personal/social well-being (Verboom, Sijtsema, Verhulst, Penninx, & Ormel, 2013; Li & Lerner, 2011) . School counselors need to be aware of the serious negative impact of depression on their students. They must also be prepared to offer effective intervention strategies to help their students overcome this barrier to success. The relationship between depression and student academic achievement is complex. Studies examining a direct link between depression and academic performance have presented fairly inconsistent data, however, certain themes have consistently emerged. A student with depression is not necessarily more likely to underperform academically, but…

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