Essay High Physical Education And Physical Fitness Levels

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Introduction I teach Jr. High physical education. I feel like my students don’t do as good a job as they could in evaluating and improving in their physical fitness levels. I also wonder what their attitude is towards continuing on in physical fitness after the class has ended. I believe that using different learning strategies may help students to do a better job of understanding how to improve in their physical fitness levels and may have a positive effect at continuing on with their physical fitness after the class is over. One of the learning strategies that I am looking to incorporate into the curriculum to help students be more successful with their physical fitness levels is cooperative learning. I have developed a cooperative learning survey to gage the student’s participation in and attitudes towards cooperative learning as it relates to improving their physical fitness levels.

Research Topic The assumption is that students in physical education learn best by doing. Students have always been shown how to do a skill and then they practice it. Students are given an exercise program and told to do it so they can improve their fitness levels. Is this really the best way for students to improve skills or fitness levels? What learning strategy best contributes to a positive experience that will lead to lifelong learning? Students seem to take a more personal role in their progress and learning when they use learning strategies like goal setting and…

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