High Performance Pathways The Southern Arizona Region Essay example

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The Tucson case study showed that the Arizona state, specifically, the Tucson region had demonstrated and created collaborative efforts in improving the health of its population by identifying and prioritizing the community needs. Although the region had faced many challenges to overcome quality care and healthy life, its efforts resulted in better health outcomes. According to the case study, the four high-performance pathways the Southern Arizona region underwent great progression were community-organizing efforts, use of advanced managed care techniques, collaboration among providers and community groups, and programs to address the needs of underserved and uninsured patients. Using the WHO blocking model, analyzes of the case study is described as follows
Service Delivery:
1. Service Delivery: Utilizing an advanced managed care techniques, the region had established measurements of quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery systems. For example, the El Rio community health center nursing staff established the follow up with their patients after they discharged from the hospitals. The great outcomes showed in patient follow-up after discharge was patient readmission decrease by 20 percent. In other ways, Carondelet Medical Group had developed a sophisticated system to improve outcomes for the patients with diabetes. other important outcomes were seen in Carondelet Medical group are the accomplishments of nursing educators, dieticians and promoters teams in…

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