Tucson Compare And Contrast

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When one thinks of the word “desert”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a sand landscape with saguaros and snakes. This image is very different to the reality of Tucson. One of the most notable things about Tucson is how it has lived under four different governments. Originally, it served under the Spanish government, but it became a part of Mexico, when Mexico declared its independence from Spain. Then during the Gadsden purchase, it was sold to the United States but was considered a territory of the Confederate States, then when Arizona became a state it was once again under United States rule (). Tucson is an area that has a deep and rich history. However, Tucson owes this history to its geography. This geography is a part of Tucson’s past, its present, and will lead to its future. The first settlers to Tucson were the Hohokam. While these people seem to have vanished into thin air, there is evidence for their existence through agricultural settlements next to the Santa Cruz river (). These people thrived for about one thousand two hundred years and then all trace of them seems to have disappeared. Their descendants then continued to live on the land. This led to Spanish explorers to visit the area and …show more content…
Tucson actually means "spring at the foot of a black mountain" this refers to the base of Sentinel Peak, what is now known as “A” mountain (). Tucson is two thousand three hundred eighty-nine feet above sea level. Tucson experiences on average twelve inches of precipitation annually. Tucson has hot summers that can be bearable due to no humidity, and moderate winters. During the summer and winter thunderstorms can occur and these have various severities and

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