Essay about High Education Has Dramatically Increased Over The Years

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It is not strange to say that the need for a higher education has dramatically increased over the years. As we see technology advance and people seeking loans in order to be privately financed to afford such an education. However, when taking out loans it is “…a risk to start off adulthood with substantial burdens of debt” (Dwyer and McCloud 2013). Essentially meaning that along with the struggles of life such as job loss, divorce, and illness, students loans only add on to the pain and make it more difficult for a person to reach their full potential. Many researchers suggest that the variation differs between genders seeing as males and females receive different treatment upon education attainment. Women ultimately dominate when going to college, making up for the lower number of men enrolling into college as well as graduating. Due to the influences that females receive compared to men such as the constraints females endure in the job market like the “pay gap,” material trade-offs and overall less opportunities than men in the job market we begin to see the need for a higher education. “Gender, Debt, and Dropping of College,” explores the gender differences in completing student loans and outcomes for student drop outs and graduates as they try to make a connection between the gendered debt effects. When taking out loans it is considered an investment into a brighter future with a higher chance of going to have a well paying job to pay back these “investments.” With so…

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