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When I was a kid, my super hero was Superman, I kind of admired him because I thought it would be cool to be able to fly and to have super-human strength, but the main reason why I liked Superman is because he helped people, no matter what.
According to Times Magazine, we have become a society that is centered on self, self-gratification, self-motivation, self-indulgence, and it has been a driving force in developed countries since decades now; and as a result, we are witnesses to the slow death of the Hero.
Today I want to tell you a little bit about how we define what a hero is , what it takes to be a hero, and how you and I can help refresh the effects of heroisme.
So lets start with how we define what a heroe is.
The definitions
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The news only highlights the tramatic acts of heroism like Hurricane Katrina or September 11th, this implies that in order for you to be a hero you must put yourself in danger. But that could not be farther from the truth.
The turth is that ANYONE has the potential to be a Hero all you need are two factors
One, you need opportunity.
And two, you need initiative.
So lets say that all of us in this room go out and start looking for those opportunities, and we start noticing things where we can give help, and then we start taking that initiative.
We could start the chain reaction that spreads the sparks of heroism.
Heroism is a powerful thing. Anyone at anytime and has the potential to be a hero anywhere.
They can be that person who helps that lady carry her grocers to her car, or the employ who stays late to help a coworker get something done.
These are the characteristics of a hero that we should all embrace and be willing to make our own.
We need to encourage heroic traits because it will benefit society as a whole, but ourselves as well in the process.
At the Berkeley “THDM” there is an article called “We can be Heroes” and they wrap it up by saying “If we loose the ability of imagine ourselves as heroes, our society will be cored for, but if we can re-connect with this ideals, we can create

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