Character Analysis Of Hero: Brain Or Brawn

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Hero: Brain or Brawn
Katniss Everdeen lives in a troubled time when the government seeks to wreak havoc upon communities. Out of a matter of necessity, Katniss focuses all of her attention to herself and her younger sister. Her secluded world consists of providing for only the needs of her family, without consideration of others. However, a chance selection enrolls Katniss in a journey that changes her life forever and aids her in developing to her full potential. Similarly, in Tolkien’s classic, a once tepid hobbit transforms himself into the leader of his company. Thrust into an adventure and abandoned by his mentor, Bilbo Baggins has to set his priorities and step up to the position of leader. However, the adventurers pull through
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Standing firm in one’s beliefs often spurs teasing and judgment, so courage is needed to remain steadfast, and doing so qualifies one as a true hero. Bilbo consistently puts his friends first and seeks peace and happiness for the world. Bilbo hesitates when presented with the opportunity to kill Gollum, a hideous creature seeking Bilbo’s life. Doing so could ensure safety for Bilbo and facilitate his escape from the goblin caves. However, “a sudden understanding, a pity mixed with horror, [wells] up in Bilbo’s heart” (96) and Bilbo decides he cannot kill Gollum, despite all the benefits that could result from Gollum’s death. By deciding not to take advantage of the pitiful creature, Bilbo proves his heroism and demonstrates his compassion. During the war of the five armies, Bilbo once again has to choose whether to participate and facilitate the war or to exhibit compassion upon his adversaries. Winning the war would provide Bilbo with his full share of the cache and immortalize him as a hero. Many respectable men revel in the war, but Bilbo finds it to be “very uncomfortable [and] not to say distressing” (308). Negotiation, a tactic that Bilbo tries, is his preference because it avoids physical harm of others. Even though war could ennoble Bilbo, he chooses to try other solutions. When Bilbo and his friends draw near to their goal they arrive at a deadlock in the war; a …show more content…
No longer should they just rely on strength and luck, but they must exhibit adaptability and maintain their standards. Bilbo, a brave hero, risks himself physically, but more importantly adapts to the new needs of his journey. In addition, Bilbo sets his priorities and does not waver in them while also showing compassion upon his enemies. In the Hunger Games Trilogy, Katniss Everdeen develops into a leader and a symbol of hope in order to raise her community to victory, just as Bilbo Baggins does within his journey. Katniss’s change proves her willingness to help and demonstrates her courage. Both Bilbo and Katniss acclimate to their new situations and become true

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