Hercules As A Great Legend Essays

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Hercules is one of the famous Greek myths; he was the son of the great god Zeus. Hercules (2014) a movie talks about the legend Hercules. The director is Brett Ratner, the writers are Ryan Condal and Evan Spiliotopoulos, and the actor who played Hercules is Dwayne Johnson. Heroism, revenge, and justice are the themes that I will write about here. Overall, the movie was successful to show how Hercules was a great legend, but it missed up a bit by implying that Hercules wasn’t the son of Zeus, yet everyone was repeating this just to make people afraid of him.
The movie started with the scene of Alkmene giving birth, and Hercules came to the world. Then, the movie narrated the story that Hera hated Hercules because he was the son of Zeus, but from another woman. Due to that fact, Hera sent him two snakes to kill him when he was a young boy, but her plan failed because Hercules caught the snakes. The book ““The Complete World of Great Mythology” also stated this story, but it said Hercules was a baby. (Buxton, 2004, p. 114). This story, in both the movie and the book, shows how a great hero he was since he was a kid. Further, the movie didn’t show much about his 12 labours, but the book talked in details about them. The 12 labours shows that Hercules could do things that people believe it is impossible, yet he completed all of them. One of the hardest labours was killing the Nemean lion, and this labour was showed in the movie and the book. Because of the 12 labours,…

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