Henry Payne's Political Cartoon Analysis

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In Henry Paynes political cartoon published September 28, 2015 he talks about the
Volkswagen Scandal. Volkswagen is a very well known car company here in the US. As of right now, they are not doing so well. They are making some of their cars require diesel and while they were testing them they put special devices in them to make them run at a lower standard while in test mode. They did this because the EPA has made a rule where there can only be a certain percentage of exhaust coming out of the car. The EPA made this rule so our air will not become polluted in the upcoming years.(Hotten, 2) Now that they have sold all of these cars with the devices still in them, once they get off of the testing track and on the road they came off of testing mode.(Hotten, 5) Once off testing mode, they start to pollute the air and make it unhealthy. I would argue the political cartoon by Henry Payne is effective because he states that it is the “Lance Armstrong Edition”, writes “Diesel” on the license plate and he makes the guy driving the car look happy. (Payne, “Political Cartoons”)
The cartoon I picked out is a person driving a Volkswagen, and on the back of it, it says “Lance Armstrong Edition”.(Payne, “Political Cartoon”) Payne putting Armstrong
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(Payne, Political Cartoon”) They use ethos in the cartoon because Lance Armstrong is a celebrity and is well know. They named the diesel cars after him because he is not credible and Volkswagen is no longer credible either.Payne also uses pathos because the people that bought the 500,000 cars that got recalled thought they were getting a good car, but it turns out they are hurting our environment. Michael Horn, the Volkswagen American boss told a BBC reporter “We’ve totally screwed up”. (Hotten, 6) That’s not enough to change how one may feel about the whole scandal. Even Payne is feeling some kind of emotion about it because he made the

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