Henry Baker Case Essay

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Executive summary The case is a decision case where the main actor is Henry Baker, an expert person in the fitness industry who after the acquisition of is previous company (Personalized Fitness) from a national chain is not happy with the current situation for several reasons. Henry is now in front of a dilemma, because he doesn’t know if continuing to stay in the current company (Mega Fitness) trying to improve the situation or leave and join one of the main competitors in the Tempe area. Despite seems easy jump in the new position in a different company, the analysis reveal that the risk in this movement are pretty high and in the long-term scenario would probably not pay back. The best way to proceed seems in …show more content…
One club is no reporting to Henry and this instead to generate synergy generate competition among club under the same group * Too much centralized strategy, all decision taken in Seattle. HQ use their methods without listen to local staff (frustration because he cannot use is knowledge in the local market, Henry can only follow inputs) * Rigid communications, Henry’s boss seems under stress and strictly controlling communication with executives in Seattle without allowing Henry’s to say nothing * Currently dealing with complain from customers due to Mega Fitness changes

New potential company (competitors) Pros * Immediately increase of salary and potential for the future * Manage 9 clubs instead 3 like (current position) * Possibility to quickly improve a lot the club situations thorough is skills (“I can help these people!!” Henry citation) Cons * “Junior” the owner is a “daddy rich” (family owns other business) and has a bad reputation (not business-savvy but party boy). His historical partner left mysteriously 2 years before * Potential conflict if the owner doesn’t leave Henry lead in autonomy his job * Local company (so very small possibility to growth in a context of concentration in the industry)

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