Helping Students Achieve Literacy Goals Essay

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Section A: Introduction
Over the past years, I have looked for ways to help students achieve literacy goals in order for them to succeed in second grade and on. Mertler (2014) helped me guide my action research by collecting the information using the guide questions he provided. My dilemma since I started working as a teacher over seven years was helping struggling readers and writers master their syllables. According to the state standards, students are expected to know the letters and its sound once reach first grade. This expectation is not completely accurate, at least in my years of teaching. As a dual immersion teacher in the Spanish language, I see this dilemma through the years and have wondered how I can help these learners achieve the kindergarten skill and be on a first grade level, especially the English native speakers. Being able to read and write in Spanish, is knowing the letters sounds and its combinations. For example the letter M /m/ and letter a /a/ together makes the sound /ma/ like Maria, two ma means mom. If a learner knows the sound of the letters, once combine will be able to read and write. Still at the beginning of first grade, some students struggle to add the vowels, students will think that writing the consonant means the syllable. This is part of the development of language in first grade. The situation is in students that still with the reinforcement in first grade with the letter sounds and the syllables still struggle to learn them.…

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