Hector 's Of The Emergency Room By A University Student Essay

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THE PRESENTING PROBLEM: Hector was a university student that was carried to the emergency room by a campus police, with claims by a professor that Hector walked into the room shouting, “he was the joker who was looking for batman” and he refused to leave (Delusions and Hallucinations, APA, 2013).
Hector behavior became increasingly odd during the past year, which he starts to isolate himself from family and friends; he spent most of his time lying in bed and starring at the ceiling. Hector was suspended from college for none attendance (isolation and social retraction, NMIH, 2016). Hector has been seen mumbling to himself as well as standing on the roof top as if he was conducting a symphony. He denies any attempts of jumping from the roof or self harm. Hector refused to seek counseling at the university where he attended (APA, 2013).
During the past several months, Hector has become preoccupied with a false romantic relationship that has never taken place with (Janet), he writes letters in this make believe relationship and never sends them off to his made up relationship with Janet. When the family asked him about drug use, he becomes angry and refuses to answer (WebMD Home,2014).
When evaluated by the LCSW, he was uncooperative, constricted, guarded, inattentive and preoccupied. Hector becomes irate when the hospital staff brought dinner. His claims were the hospital food was poisoned and he only drinks certain kinds of bottle water. He was noted to have paranoid,…

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