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In reference to the DSM-5, the diagnosis of non-catatonic Schizophrenia with multiple episodes, currently in acute episode, is given to the client, Mr. Ben Simpson. He meets Criterion A with the presence of delusions, hallucinations, and negative symptoms, all visible for more than one month (American Psychiatric Association, p. 99). There are more than one type of delusion displayed by Mr. Simpson including: persecutory, referential, and grandiose delusions. Persecutory delusions are the belief that someone(s) are harassing, spying, or plan to harm oneself (American Psychiatric Association, p. 87). Mr. Simpson exemplifies this type of delusion with the belief that the shoe store is purposefully placing nails in the bottom of his shoes to annoy him. (This action is only occurring towards him.) He looks beyond the conflicting evidence of all shoes …show more content…
Simpson has a prevalent symptom of delusion. The prevalence of this symptom could lead to the differential diagnosis of delusional disorder. Mr. Simpson had more than one delusion that was present for much longer than a month; Criterion A for delusional disorder (American Psychiatric Association, p. 90). His behavior is not necessarily described as odd; Criterion C (American Psychiatric Association, p. 90). Manic and/or depressive episodes are not present; therefore, do not take up more duration than delusional episodes; Criterion D (American Psychiatric Association, p. 90). And the delusion are not caused by another substance; Criterion E (American Psychiatric Association, p. 90). Criterion B for delusional disorder; however, creates the guideline that no symptom from Criterion A of schizophrenia can be present (American Psychiatric Association, p. 90). This is the deciding factor in the differential diagnosis of delusional disorder for Mr. Simpson. He has other symptoms of auditory hallucinations, and a negative symptom as found in Criterion A for schizophrenia (American Psychiatric Association, p.

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