Why Do Many Researchers Consider Schizophrenia A Brain Disorder?

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Why do most researchers consider schizophrenia a brain disorder? What evidence suggests that schizophrenia could begin in the womb?

Schizophrenia can be difined as a complex, severe, disabling disorder when it comes to the effects that it has on the brain. This can cause alterations to how a person reats and the way they percieve the world around them. Disconnection from reality is a major side effect of schizophrenia. the confusion and fear that comes along with having this disorder may cause withdrawel and abnormal behavior, such as disconnect from others emotions also blank stares and lack of facial movement.

There are positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia known to date. Positive symptoms are known to be psychotic behaviors that yoou would not see in a healthy human being. People that have these symptoms can lose touch with all reality. Positive schizophrenia symptoms can come and go, often severe, but on a basic scale are hard to notice. Now dependiing on the individual and if the person is recieving treatment or not. These symptoms could be hallucinations, delusions, thought dis--orders, and movement dis-orders. The hellucinationss are things that a person can feel hear, smell, or see that no one else can identify with. delusions are the false belief that one cannot chaange, such as if a schizophranic person thinks a person is stalking them or has control over there body and no one can do anything about the situation not even them. Thought disorders are

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