Heat And Sun Imagery In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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It is sunny and hot: to what extent does heat and sun imagery shape Meursault’s action
In the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus, weather imagery plays an important role. Some of the most important imagery is heat and sun imagery. The main character, Meursault, is always aggravated when the sun is present. Sun and heat are shown to control his emotions. The intensity of the heat and the sum are the main controlling factors of his emotions. Heat and sun can be interpreted as the relationship between the universe and god towards human life. This is significant because Camus is known for writing against religion in general and this novel makes it clear how religion is viewed as useless according to Meursault towards the end of the novel. The connection
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Heat and sun imagery mainly serve as a motif to show Meursault’s emotions during problems and how he reacts to it. Weather imagery is shown at the beginning of the novel during the funeral procession . Which is the same time we also learn about his view about religion. Meursault is shown in the beginning of novel as a person who is lacking knowledge and feelings. He doesn’t know when did his mother die. This is important because it shows how Meursault is not really that emotional about her death. Heat imagery is shown mostly when he is at the funeral. He notes how his trip has been very long and hot. During the whole funeral procession, the heat is causing Meursault far more pain that the idea of burying his mother. “But today, with the sun bearing down, making the whole landscape shimmer with heat, it was inhuman and …show more content…
During the trial when most of the people testifying are agreeing with that he did not have any feeling towards his mother and that he basically committed the murder for nothing, Meursault is noticing how hot it is. “It was getting hotter, and I could see the people in the courtroom fanning themselves with newspapers” (86-87). While Meursault is shown to be paying attention, he is focusing on people and the weather rather than the big events of the trial. Another important information to note is that Meursault did not even try to say that the murder was self-defense and make it justifiable. Instead, he noticed the sun and commented about heat. However, towards the end of the novel, Meursault finally starts to move closer to the window and kind of admire the sun. but he still doesn’t not appreciate it nor god and makes it clear that religion is a waste of time. The significance of the shift here is that he has been sentenced to execution already so there is no worse situation so the sun theoretically did its job of getting him in the most trouble possible. Overall, he can just be portrayed as a creature who has physical needs, pains and desires that mainly revolve around the

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