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Define sex and its relationship to risky behavior
The word sex means to engage in sexual intercourse which includes vaginal, anal, and oral. Risky sexual behaviors are ones that contribute to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Sex and its relationship to risky behavior is Not Socially accepted because people usually look down upon people with multiple sex partners because it looks like they’re unable to commit. Furthermore, risky sexual behavior is not socially accepted because people with STI’s are unwanted in relationships.
Anonymous Sex Partners One of the most common ways of obtaining an STI is via sex with multiple anonymous partners. With one partner you are more likely to know their sexual
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Often time’s males opt out of using a condom for various reasons such as the feel and sizing of the condom and tend to switch to the pull out method. This is NOT a good reason. There are many alternatives within the market to better satisfy issues pertaining to the feel and size of the condom. On the other side of things there are females that do not understand the risk of irregular birth control habits. Missing a day or more can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive and render it useless. In a society where the media is constantly being sexualized it is important to maintain a degree of safety when engaging in intimate/sexual behaviors.
Health Background Checks and STIs Awareness Sexuality is often times personal, so it is not a surprise if individuals do not ask others about their sexual background nor is it uncommon for an individual to refuse to disclose information pertaining to their own sexual backgrounds. Since, it has grown to be the norm in society it makes “moments/spurts” of passion a large risk for individuals. Anything can happen in a moment, one minute you kiss next minute you have a raging case of Herpes. It is important to understand that not all individuals with STIs will disclose that information to another, including a sexual partner, increasing the spread of STIs. One important thing to do that is often overlooked by

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