Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report Essay examples

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In today 's society, new ideas for growing, and cultivating the land in new ways for food to be developed are spreading rampantly. With new technological processes, such as General Electric supported Vertical Farming, the future of food is a mystery, as well as how healthy this food will be to consume. However, according to Technomic’s recently released report, “Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report”, stated that “eating healthy is a very much do-it-yourself concept for today’s American consumer.” According to this data, it shows increasing trends towards the healthy side, such as having a full serving of vegetables is being adopted by 80-90% of the population 18-35+ years of age. With new technology, comes many new problems, but if everyone were to learn how to grow, cook, and gather healthy food themselves, healthy appetites could very well be accomplished in a DIY fashion. The Huffington Post released an article that inadvertently stuck up for the DIY style of appetite’s, called “Top 9 Reasons For Not Eating Out,” by Cathy Erway. Throughout this article, Erway opens the reader 's eye in many ways, especially to the terrors of unhealthy food that we are open to consume every day. In her second of nine points, Erway points out that “One-third of America’s garbage is comprised of packaging; bags boxes, and other things that come with the purchase that are not meant to be kept,” (Erway 2). This statistic alone was astonishing, showing that as Americans, if we…

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