Healthcare : The Aging Population Essay example

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Healthcare in the aging population
Human health is of great relevance in every aspect of our social, emotional, and psychological well-being. This is because health plays a major role in influencing the productivity of individuals in all economic spheres. Therefore, health care is the benchmark for determining sustainability in all scopes of life. This implies that decisions regarding health care and nursing policies impact heavily and directly on those involved within the medical field (Arabi et al., 2014). These include both the healthcare professionals and the patients. Nurses are among the health care professionals who interact directly with the patients in the course of service delivery. Thus, nurses have a significant influence on any decision revolving around the determination and formulation of policies on health care. However, this concept is viewed as a new idea in the field of nursing. This is evident from research studies which have been carried out on policy effect of nurses in healthcare area which depicts a certain level of misunderstanding on the whole concept. Therefore, this paper aims at identifying how policies on health care and nursing impacts on the health care professional as well as the patients. Patients, in this case, comprise of an aging population.
Policies and issues addressed in the Health Care and Nursing Act affect both the patients and professionals within the health care field. This is because the provision of heath care services involves…

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