Essay on Healthcare System : Transforming And The Role Of The Nurses

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Healthcare system is transforming and the role of the nurses is also modifying accordingly. Also nurses are expected to adopt the role of advocacy in this transformed healthcare system. Everyday nurses take care of patients and feels the need of some changes in the policy in order to take care of patient effectively. Nurses are obligated to strengthen skills that enable them to influence public policy so they can better serve patients. It is very important for the nurses to assess their abilities and skills of leadership and advocate, which will assist them to improve themselves. As a nurse, the writer also assessed their own leadership skills by using, Nurse Manager Skills Inventory. This inventory was created for nurses to assess their professional and development abilities. The writer will discuss personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal journey disciplines and reflective practice (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses [AACN] and American Association of Nurse Executives [AONE], 2006). In addition to it, the writer will also discuss own experience of utilizing leadership skills to advocate for bringing changes in the workplace and also discuss strategies to achieve personal goal for leadership growth and development.
Personal and Professional Accountability
In this category of the Nurse Manager Inventory Tool, it includes personal growth and development, ethical behavior and practice, professional association involvement and certification.…

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