Healthcare Costs Of The United States Essay

748 Words Nov 29th, 2016 3 Pages
Many people are aware that the costs of healthcare are rising due to multiple reasons. Healthcare costs in the United States have been rising almost every year. Along with rising cost patients and their families are seeing a decline in the quality of care provided by nurses. With rising cost not being the only problem, a lot of healthcare facilities are seeing a nursing shortage. Over the past few years nursing shortages have become more common, due to an increase of population in aging adults. Due to the increase of healthcare it could possibly affect the United States economy in a negative way. Healthcare affects almost every one, it affects a lot of people in a negative way. Today healthcare facilities are attempting to come up with solutions to lower the costs of healthcare. A lot of people today are not able to afford healthcare because of the rising costs, which costs people a lot of money. The government has spent about 64 billion dollars in health care so far. The majority of people who cannot afford healthcare are the aging population, however a lot of the other population cannot afford healthcare either. How the healthcare cost, nursing shortages, and injuries effect the patient and other people. Almost everyone is affected by health care, but each individual is affected by healthcare in different ways. Over the past few years the cost of healthcare has been rising. “U.S. healthcare spending has grown from around three percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in…

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