Healthcare, And The Effective Utilization Of Healthcare Technologies

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Healthcare, and the effective utilization of healthcare technologies, has become increasingly important due to our aging society, rising healthcare costs, and the emergence of antibiotic resistant diseases. The demand for medical breakthroughs, new drugs, and new procedures has outpaced the resources of doctors and hospitals. With an increased international emphasis on quality of life, there is an immediate need to optimize current medical and pharmaceutical resources to develop well organized and effective healthcare delivery systems that will lead to superior health outcomes. Moreover, stringent policies at the local, national and international levels need to be established that will govern the successful administration of equitable health and medical facilities. I am from a middle class, highly educated Indian family. I have one sister who is a doctor and I am the youngest. Since my childhood I have seen people considering the health profession as a noble one as it always had a social touch. This attracted me to think over this as a career. Since my school days i had been very much interested in mathematics and general science, So I worked hard in higher secondary board exams to take a prestigious score of 84%. Unfortunately i hadn 't cleared my entrance exam with enough score to get into a medical college. Seeing my high interest in medical field my father encouraged me to go to China for MBBS, so I went to china and completed my MBBS…

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