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What methodology was used and how was it effective?

In order to investigate the different views and opinions that patients have in regards to patient- centered care, interpersonal interviews, a research methodology, was utilized. Interpersonal interviews were conducted in this phenomenological study in order to inquire about the “lived experience” or phenomena of patient’s experience of patient- centered care. This methodology ensured reliability and validity. Reliability was achieved through the interpersonal interview technique by using the same interview framework and the same researcher to conduct all of the interviews. This allowed the data that was being extracted to have consistency. All interviews were applied in a ‘coherent and
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How is insight into subject shown?

Insight into the phenomena of patient centered care is shown through the different themes that were identified by the researcher. Some of these include: being attentive, making an effort, connectedness and others based on care. This provides an in depth insight into the patients opinions and views of patient centered care. The themes that have been identified segregate the data well and allow it to be interpreted easier.

Insights are also provided through the direct quotations of the participants. It gives a greater insight into their thoughts and views of patient centered care and their lived experience. “

How appropriate is this study in relation to previous studies?
A phenomenological study is one without a hypothesis or precedent therefore it is a new study and insight to researchers. Previous phenomenological studies have shown that the duty of care is the most important aspect of their job. However, there is always the issue of the shortage of nurses and the fact that this may not allow them to provide the amount of care that they wish to.

Bassett, C. (2002). Nurses' and students' perceptions of care: a phenomenological study. Nursing Times, 98(34), 32 - 39.
This article is a phenomenological study based on nurses and students perceptions of care.

The article about patient centered

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